FootBall Chair





Retroger Furniture ART introduces its new exclusive product, the FootBall Chair.

The German manufacturer of the successful Volkswagen and GULF automotive furniture has thought of football fans after car lovers and has created the perfect seating furniture for all football fans.

Please enjoy this short information page until the final FootBall Chair website is under development.

The exterior and interior upholstery,
embroidery and leg can be ordered in
any color, branding and inscriptions.

Since each FootBall Chair is individually handmade by our masters, based
on the customer’s requirements, design variations are limited only by imagination.

FootBall Chair

The perfect choice for all Football Teams and Football Fans

  • Comfortable
  • Extremely spectacular
  • Every detail is made according to the customer’s needs

Price: from 2899,00 EUR

Each FootBall Chair is a one of a kind, numbered piece
with a certificate, handmade in Germany.

Worldwide shipping is available.

Our shipping partners are Cargoline and HGL. In Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Denmark,
 Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary we deliver and hand over the armchairs personally.

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